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Consumer Products 

Here's a snapshot of my consumer products career. For more information please check out my LinkedIn profile

The Northwest Company

Art Director

About the Job

I managed a small but mighty team of designers. We worked hard and together were able to make big things happen. We secured the renewal of Hasbro's Transformers License with an awesome presentation! We created and updated Warner Bros line reviews, (over 20 properties), ordered samples for, organized and set up the NYC showroom for Market Week. 

I really enjoyed broadening my management skills.  I ensured my team was up-to-date and delivered on our commitments by running internal Product Development meetings as well as managing cross-functional relationships with Marketing, Sales and our factories in Asia. And we always met our retail partners’ deadlines!

MGM Consumer Products

Manager, Creative Services

About the Job

My career with MGM was twofold, I worked as a Graphic Designer and then as the Creative Services Manager. While working as a Graphic Designer, I worked with the Pink Panther brand to create Style Guide assets, Product Inspiration, Marketing Materials and Product Ads. As the sole Creative Services Manager, my responsibilities were diverse and included Marketing and Sales Team support, resourcing, and managing outside agents for development of Creative Materials including an external fulfillment house, tracking the Creative Budget, and processing invoices from vendors. 

While there I negotiated with outside agents to secure development of the American Gladiators style guide at $20,000 under budget.

MGA Entertainment

Graphic Designer

About the Job

At MGA I worked with a very tight crew of Designers. We were responsible for all of the essential art for The Bratz style guides. 

I worked directly with the Style Guide Director and Facilitated production details for style guide completion and distribution.

I reviewed and revised Bratz and Lil Bratz Licensee packaging submissions and supported the Character Art team with digital inkings.        

Fox Family Worlwide

Manager, Creative Services

About the Job

This was a real transition for me from Illustrator to Designer. I worked closely with the Art Director to adapt live-action assets into style guide assets, researched current trends to develop character design and art direction and reviewed product development for 2D and 3D art for all licensed Fox Kid’s properties. 

The Walt Disney Company

Character Artist/ Inker, Consumer Products

About the Job

Disney was my introduction to the world of Consumer Goods, and I really couldn't have asked for a better foundation. I was very fortunate to begin my career by being mentored by some of the best Creatives in the industry at that time. I worked with an amazing team of artists to develop style guide art and met with Licensees for Product Development and Reviews.

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